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DanaWeb Company hands the website over to Hai Phong Labor Federation

Labor Federation of Hai Phong City is the advisory body of the Executive Committee, Standing Committee on the guidelines, resolutions and work plans of the trade union in line with the Party's line, policies and laws. Vietnam General Confederation of Labour and the functions of trade unions; assist the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee to guide, inspect and review the movement of workers and union activities.

Right from its inception, the Hai Phong Labor Confederation has resolutely stood up to attacks of their oppression and exploitation, the organisation always leading the way in revolutionary cause, creative labor, and building working class and trade unions. Therefore, Hai Phong has become a center for labour movement and one of the earliest organizations in Vietnam.

With the task of studying and firmly grasp the guidelines and resolutions of the General Confederation, the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee; State policies and regimes related to the tasks of the Trade Union. To propose the Standing Committee on guiding and directing the implementation. Prepare thematic guidelines at the request of the Standing Committee. To be in solidarity with and help the Standing Committee in directing, inspecting, urging, sum up the situation up the situation, preliminary reviewing and reviewing the implementation of the undertakings approved by the Standing Committee and the Executive Board. Policy to motivate and reward staff for the achievements of any units and individuals. To guide trade union activities and monitor, to observe and supervise the implementation of the Vietnam Trade Union Charter, directives and resolutions of the Executive Board.
Over the course of more than a century of formation and nearly ninety years of operation, workers and organizations of the Haiphong Labour Union wrote on the precious historical pages in the cause of national liberation, building and defending the socialist republic of Vietnam.
This is a pride and an important social foundation for the workers' movement and for the activities of the Hai Phong Labor Confederation in order to develop in the next century. Therefore, recently the Labor Union of Hai Phong City has cooperated with Danaweb Company to launch website


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